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Big Plans

Once considered the city of the future, Ferro City was a place that grew very big dreams. The glamour attracted men wanting to build great reputations, become giants of industry. With that intention grew the legend of The Pharaoh’s Treasure.

An Angry Young Man

Derek’s father died in 1971. The legal caretakers of his father’s estate did not allow Derek his intended destiny. Now the local cops are trying to locate and arrest him.

A Wronged Woman

Finding frustration and heartache, Dawn is realizing each man has used her only for their gain. Dawn is learning to believe “keep friends close but enemies closer” is a necessary life skill.

Ferro City

Litigation against the steel mills, rail-yards, shipyards, and offshore oil drilling is choking this once grand city. An environmental watchdog group is claiming pollution and disease are undesirable byproducts of these business models.

A City In Need

Now, this city attracts young upstarts wanting big chunks of Ferro City’s fortunes and artifacts before they’re gone. Deadly characters plotting lethal schemes. These are desperate times in a dying city. Things are going to get worse.

Comic transcript

POV: Dawn Atum walking past the Agora, a neighborhood bulletin board.

DAWN: (thought) Do it tonight or forget it. You lose out.